How do TrapEze dusting sheets support a hygienic environment?

TrapEze disposable dusting sheets are designed for one time use. Unlike conventional floor dust mops, they do not require washing or sanitizing after use. Simply use and toss. This dusting tool is ideal for use in healthcare, schools, retail, or anywhere dust, hair and dirt are problematic.

Can TrapEze disposable dusting sheets be used wet or dry?
TrapEze is a dry dusting cloth that can easily pass through limited moisture along its path. Do not submerge sheets in water or detergent before use.
What types of surfaces can I dust with TrapEze disposable sheets?

This product can be used on all hard surface flooring, baseboards, moldings, ceiling fans, bookshelves, cabinets, radiators, and lamp shades.

Are TrapEze disposable dust sheets easy to use?

Yes! They have low drag for decreased worker fatigue and increased productivity.

What tool can I use with TrapEze?

These powerful disposable sheets can be used with any existing dusting tool! Whether you’re currently using a floor dusting tool, a conventional dust mop, handheld duster or just cleaning by hand, Trapeze removes more debris than traditional dusting methods.

What sizes are available?

TrapEze is available in two sizes. Single roll 6” X 8” with 250 sheets per roll. Double roll 6” X 5” with 250 sheets per roll.

Are there any applications where TrapEze would not be recommended?

TrapEze is made of nonwoven polyester using fine denier fibers.  Even so, we recommend caution when using TrapEze to dust delicate surface that may scratch such as glass, Plexiglas, monitors, etc.